Foreskin Circumcision

Thank you for visiting this website! Intactivists believe that babies are born normal and that circumcision is a cosmetic surgery and religious ritual that removes healthy normal tissue and is a violation of the child’s right to body integrity. His body, his rights. A person’s religious freedom ends where another person’s body begins. There is no problem with an adult man choosing it for himself.

Intact men say, “Foreskin feels good!”

We are soliciting articles for this new website from intact men describing the pleasure they derive from and the value they place on their intact foreskin. Would you be willing to write a short article or even just a paragraph for my website? No names or identifying information. This website is targeted at people who don’t understand the value of foreskin. Medical doctors give it no value when they counsel parents on circumcising their sons. They only tell parents about the so-called “benefits” of amputating it. Never about the value of allowing their son to keep what he was born with.

Men do complain.


Some circumcised men say, “I want my foreskin back!”


Some circumcised men are okay with their circumcisions.


Some doctors don’t always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Part of the problem is that in the USA doctors often give incorrect information to parents about cleaning an intact penis. Because the doctor and dad both may be circumcised, they just don’t know about the intact penis. And medical training in the USA on cleaning an intact penis is often lacking. There is a big push right now among intactivist groups in the USA to change this. To educate doctors, nurses, and parents about how to properly care for and clean an intact penis. They don’t have this problem in other countries because in most countries under 10% of newborns are circumcised. Most everyone there just knows how to keep an intact penis clean because that is the norm. It takes about two seconds in the shower.

The rule is “Clean what is seen.” A child’s foreskin may not retract until after puberty. Until it retracts on its own, the foreskin should NEVER be retracted to clean under it. Because until it retracts on its own, foreskin is fused to the glans by connective tissue called the synechia. It’s like the connective tissue between a fingernail and the nail bed. No dirt can get in there.

If a foreskin is prematurely forcibly retracted that’s what causes the problems you see. It permanently damages the underside of the foreskin and glans. 

The intactivists are currently taking surveys from parents to find out how many medical professionals are forcibly prematurely retracting their sons foreskins. And holding them accountable through lawsuits. They tell parents NEVER to leave their intact sons alone with a doctor who may be uneducated about intact foreskin and who could, in a few seconds time, permanently injure their child. 

Current estimates are that about 40% of intact boys have been permanently damaged this way. 

The forcibly ripped and torn synechia connective tissue between the foreskin and glans will never grow back, leaving the boy prone to infections and filth collecting there. 

This is one of the reasons I am creating this new website. To educate parents on proper care and cleaning of an intact foreskin. And to explain the purpose and function of the foreskin in sexual intercourse and masturbation. And explain why a circumcised penis makes sex and masturbation more difficult and requires lube. 

Compared to the loss of nerve endings, pleasurable sexual sensation, and function, any possible future medical benefits of amputating a healthy foreskin are minor. No medical association in the world recommends routine infant circumcision. 

Doctors and hospitals have a service to sell and when parents request that service for their child, the doctor obliges. 

Otherwise, very few men would go for circumcision later in life. Most men would not consider the minimal medical benefits of circumcision to be worth the cost of losing the most sexually exogenous part of their body. On the other hand, a few men will suffer from a medical condition that circumcision will cure, and that is their decision to make. 

Just keep on reading to get a clear understanding of the evil practice of routine infant circumcision. It is clearly documented in history. This surgery was designed from the beginning to hobble the reproductive organs and decrease the pleasure of sex and masturbation in both men and women. The Jews and Muslims incorporated the evil practice into their religious rituals. American doctors incorporated the evil religious ritual into their medical practice. Parents in the USA normalized the evil medical practice in the Victorian era of the 1800’s, as a cure for masturbation, reaching a high of circumcising 90% of newborn males in the 1970’s to a steady decline since then to the current 55-60% in 2018. 

There is no dotted line on an infant’s genitals on which to cut and so no two circumcisions are the same. A man may say, “Well I’m circumcised and I’m fine with it.” But he can speak only for himself, and everything depends on the device used, the skill of the surgeon, guesswork, and pure luck. Another man may not have been so “lucky” and be seriously damaged. Yet society teaches all men that we should remain silent and “Man up....get on with life .” No, this is a topic that needs to be out in the open. To see the light of day. To be scrutinized. 

And often it is the most junior who performs circumcision surgery, not the most practiced. Often without adequate anesthesia because many think an infant doesn’t feel pain or if they do they won’t remember it. If you did that to a dog you would be arrested!


Knowing some of the basics will help in understanding this topic.

What is a foreskin?

This area will have detailed information about the anatomy and function of the male foreskin, or prepuce. 

“The prepuce envelops the glans as a variant of a mucocutaneous tissue presenting with a lot of functions, the most important of them being to protect the infant's glans from feces and ammonia in diapers, to protect the glans from abrasions and trauma throughout life, and to provide sufficient skin in erection.” [Med Pregl. 2012 Jul-Aug;65(7-8):295-300.]

What is phimosis?

“The term phimnosis describes a foreskin that is unable to retract. It is necessary to distinguish normal anatomic situation in neonate and infantile period, when prepuce has not been separated yet from true pathologic phimosis due to fibrosis and sclerosis.” [Med Pregl. 2012 Jul-Aug;65(7-8):295-300.]


This area will have detailed information about anatomy and function. This area will have detailed information about anatomy and function. This area will have detailed information about anatomy and function.